PERFLO drops® – Eye Solution

Supplement resources, fight inflammation in dysfunction of the tear film

PERFLO drops® – Eye Solution

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PERFLO DROPS® is a medical device for ophthalmic use made of eye drops a basis of Perilla extract in combination with hyaluronic acid.


Conjunctivitis, Dry Eye.


Administer 1 or 2 drops in each eye once a day or according to medical advice.


10 single dose vials of 0.50 ml.

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The formula PERFLO drops®, thanks to its specific qualitative-quantitative composition, protects ocular tissues against the consequences of oxidative stress caused by unfavorable environmental factors (such as mechanical strain by contact lenses, solar radiation, smoke, dust, air condition, computer radiation, etc).
Moreover the formulation of PERFLO Drops® is refreshing, moisturizing, lubricant and humectant.
The formulation PERFLO Drops® is indicated for:
– alleviation of temporary eye discomfort (redness, dryness) due to unfavorable environmental conditions, such as air conditioning or dry/hot climate;
– relief of eye fatigue , which may be caused by long periods of driving, studying, computer use, contact lens use, or even from excessive exposure to light;
– relief of occasional dry eyes related to blepharitis (eyelid inflammation) and facilitate the removal of any secretions;
– prevention of callergic conjunctivitis state.


The eye drops PERFLO Drops® are sterile, protective, antioxidant, humectant and lubricant .
Thanks to its components, Perilla and Hyaluronic Acid , PERFLO drops® is useful in the control of inflammation and in the resulting reduction of the symptomatology and alteration on the eye’s surface. Useful, also, in the prevention of allergic conjunctivitis.
Perilla is an herbal plant, common in China and Japan, used as vegetables in every day alimentation (known as “Shiso”).
The current scientific knowledge of the plant and its application demonstrate antiallergic properties : it is indeed proven that the rosmarinic acid, which is present in the leaves, inhibits seasonal allergic conjunctivitis by significantly reducing the number of neutrophils and eosinophils, without side effects.
Finally, the presence of polyphenolic compounds such as cinnamic acid derivatives, flavonoids, and anthocyanins, have demonstrated inhibition of free radicals.
Definitely, phytophenols of Perilla play an anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and anti-oxidant action.
The Hyaluronic acid is a highly biocompatible polysaccharide polymer that has a great capacity for hydration; at an ocular level, it proves to be an excellent humectant and lubricant, thanks to its viscoelastic behavior.


For those who use contact lenses : instill PerFlo Drops® before wearing contact lenses; this facilitates the application because it increases wetness and makes it more comfortable for use, counteracting any dry sensation.
The formula PERFLO Drops® is suitable for frequent and prolonged use.

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